Saturday: Lectures

Saturday, March 23rd2019





8:30 AM

What’s New in Small Mammal Medicine? (DiGirolamo)

Reptile Anatomy and Physiology

How Technicians Can Help Profitability in Exotic Pet Practice (D’Avolio)


9:30 AM

Ferret Emergencies

Reptile Sedation and Anesthesia Tips (Mans)

Tips and Tricks after 30 years in the Trenches (Stewart)

10:30 AM Dental Disease in Rabbits and Rodents: Anatomy, Etiology, Diagnosis (KELLER) Surgical Procedures in the Reptile Patient (Tristan)

Parrot and Rabbit Emergencies: The Most Common Presentations (D’Avolio)

11:30 PM Dental Disease in Rabbits and Rodents: Treatment options (KELLER)

Reptile Welfare & Cruelty (Tristan)

Avian Wound Management

12:30 PM


1:30 PM

Common Diseases of Chinchillas

What’s New in Avian Medicine?

Guinea Pig and Rabbit Care

2:30 PM

Soft Tissue Surgery of Rabbits & Rodents (DiGirolamo)

Reproductive Disorders in Chickens (Keller)

Exotic Small Mammal Sedation and Anesthesia (D’Avolio)

3:30 PM

Refresher on Guinea Pig Medicine

Managing Avian Gastrointestinal Disorders (Hawkins)

Basic Husbandry for the Five Most Common Pet Reptiles (McVeigh)

4:30 PM Sugar Glider Medicine & Surgery

Avian Dermatology: From Feathers to Scales (Keller)

How to get blood and place IV catheters in any reptile patient (DiGirolamo)